The Future ~ Pura Vida Shelter

The New Pura Vida Shelter

Since 2009 The Pura Vida Foundation has been on the front lines fighting for equality and human rights for these young women of Peru.  And over the years we have noticed the number of young women being tossed aside and miss treated has grown.  So with this new facility in place our efforts and support system for these young women will grow exponentially.  Not only will we be able to house 30 children at any given time, our rehabilitation methods will be endless.  With the new facility we will be able to put on workshops such as music, art, pottery, textile, photography, etc., all acting as a tool in the rehabilitation process.

Our involvement in the Andean communities

When the Pura Vida Foundation purchased the piece of land in CaiCay, Peru we put a lot of thought into where and why.  It is a small community outside the city and away from tourism, but we also noticed the town and surrounding communities were dealing with some serious problems, extreme poverty, alcoholism, and domestic abuse.  So with the new facility in place we are planning on acting as the social services for the town and the 10 surrounding Andean communities.  Our main focus will be on helping young women, but we also want to reach out to everyone at the same time, by providing workshops focused on mental health, alcoholism, family planning, all in hopes of strengthening the community.



Working with young girls and their communities

  • Providing rehabilitation for the kids and their families.
  • Giving families the tools to raise their children in a healthy manner.
  • Providing work shops for the surrounding Andean communities
  • Working with the children and their families on mental and fiscal health.

The New Pura Vida facility will be working with young girls and their communities from all over Peru.

Project Updates

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