Pura Vida and 8.1.2 teaming up


Nathan Beninger a representative of The Pura Vida Foundation made his annual fundraising trip to Waterloo, Ontario in September 2015.  Not only was this a learning and networking trip, Nathan had the pleasure of meeting the Co-owner of 8.1.2 Leather, Darshan Patel.  8.1.2 is an idea that quickly transformed into a passion for social change allowing its founders to take action towards a bigger goal all the while taking small, calculated steps to get there.  It was seeing the opportunity in people as opposed to places, to understand deeply the notion of sustainability and to implement it in ways that will not benefit select individuals but the society as a whole.

After meeting and talking with Darshan, there was an immediate connection and interest to partner with 8.1.2 Leather.  And on Nathan’s return he also got the pleasure to meet with Tushar Patel, the other partner at 8.1.2 Leather.  And in the following months and Skype conversations The Pura Vida Foundation knew that we had to team up with these two amazing young men. This alliance aims to foster the Pura Vida vision and bring to reality the future envisioned by its founder, Nathan Beninger.  We will take calculated action steps to ensure a sustainable and meaningful future for these bright kids.

So we are proud to say a portion of all 8.1.2 sales, not profits, contributes to sustaining the current Pura Vida shelter and helps in gathering the resources needed to build the new shelter.  In this bold attempt to fight poverty and exploitation issues in Peru, 8.1.2 will be at the forefront alongside Pura Vida.  Look out for the 8.1.2 Peru Collection that will include handcrafted goods from the Andean communities, supporting them, giving them the right price for their toil and efforts.  This, in turn, will help sustain and build Nathan’s vision for the Pura Vida Foundation.  We will also be featuring handcrafts such as bracelets made by the girls at the Pura Vida shelter.  This will give the girls a medium to re-establish themselves in society and provide them with a solid platform to re-gain their self-esteem and step away from their abusive past.  Our vision is to empower these girls so they not only see themselves as future leaders but will also empower other girls and women who share a similar past.


For more info on this socially conscious business check out the website at www.812leather.com


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