The Future ~ Pura Vida Shelter

Since 2009 The Pura Vida Foundation has been on the front lines fighting for equality and human rights for these young women of Peru. And over the years we have noticed the number of young women being tossed aside and miss treated has grown.

Our Current ~ Pura Vida Shelter

The Pura Vida Foundation provide's transitional housing and life skill training for young women in Peru. The facility provides these girls with necessary life skills which foster confidence to thrive independently.

A Christmas Adventure

Since 2010, the Nelson based Pura Vida Foundation has been bringing Christmas to the Andean children of Peru.  And last year thanks to numerous donations we were able to give more than 500 children an unforgettable Christmas.  We were also lucky enough to produce a small film on what Maria the daughter of the founder...

Ricardo’s Story

In 2010 The Pura Vida Foundation filmed the life of a young boy named Ricardo. Ricardo was born with out his left leg, and was also born into a life of poverty, abuse and neglect. Every day is a struggle for him to get around in such rough terrain.

Our Target for this Year

To Support Our Projects in 2020, we’re hoping to raise 150k

$0 Raised Goal: $30,000

Project News & Updates

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Photos and Videos, Project Updates, Pura Vida News

Our Team in Peru

8 Nov , 2017   Gallery

Cody & Danitza Residential Managers of the Pura Vida Shelter As residential managers of the Cusco shelter they administer the day to day operations and live at the shelter.  They are passionate about the privilege to work with the young women of Pura Vida as role models, mentors and surrogate parents.  Working with Pura Vida…

Photos and Videos, Project Updates, Pura Vida News

A Christmas to Remember

28 Dec , 2016   Gallery

This year the Pura Vida Christmas campaign was a huge success, we met new people and the communities they live in.  We were able to raise $2,130 and it consisted of two full days of giving out presents and food.  The first day we traveled to an altitude of almost 15,000 feet above sea level…

Photos and Videos, Project Updates, Pura Vida News

Yoni’s Journey to Canada

13 Dec , 2016   Gallery

Yoni has been living in the Pura Vida Shelter in Peru for almost 6 years.  At 11 years old her mother passed away and because she was living in an alcoholic family environment her and her 8 siblings got separated after the death of her mother.  She was the only one who stayed with her…

Photos and Videos, Pura Vida News

Days for Girls in Cusco, Peru

5 Jul , 2016   Gallery

In 2015 The Pura Vida Foundation crossed paths with Days for Girls through mutual friends.  There was an instant connection and understanding between both organizations because they are both focused on helping and empowering young impoverished women who are living in severe poverty.  Days for Girls are working together to provide girls and new mothers…

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