Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Why we wake up every day

Our mission is to improve the life and future of young women who have experienced exploitation and abuse by creating a safe environment and providing access to education, holistic development and community tools.

Vision: The way we see the world

We envision a world where the glass is overflowing with kindness, love and compassion.

Where others might see ‘problems’ and ‘causes’ to be solved with sweeping gestures, we see a need to rattle the foundations of the complex systems that produce inequality. In order to have an impact, we must work to lever change at the individual, community and societal levels. It’s not enough to beat the drum of a cause and demand people change the cadence of their steps; rather, through advocacy and awareness we want to co-create a new rhythm within the communities we work; one where equality, human security and access to basic human rights are not apart from traditional values and practices.

We envision communities of women and girls empowered through holistic, person-centred development. By providing access to the basic building blocks for social mobility–education, healthcare, food and shelter–we create a world where community, belonging and reciprocity ripple out to form a tidal wave of change.

Values: What we believe

We believe in the dignity of every person–regardless of gender, ability, beliefs or history. That together, through responsible and ethical development practices that do not impose solutions and are sensitive to culture and language, that people can grow through adversity. We believe in meeting everyone where they are at, in being fully present and committed to the moment while remaining inspired by the possibility of the future.

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