Days for Girls in Cusco, Peru

In 2015 The Pura Vida Foundation crossed paths with Days for Girls through mutual friends.  There was an instant connection and understanding between both organizations because they are both focused on helping and empowering young impoverished women who are living in severe poverty.  Days for Girls are working together to provide girls and new mothers with reusable feminine hygiene products.  The Courtenay Team meet weekly to make and package kits.  Individual members also work for the project at home: sewing and cutting fabric and waterproof material.  Each kit contains 2 sewn shields, 8 sewn liners and two pair of underpants along with a small bar of soap, a washcloth, two Ziplock bags of storage and washing with minimum water and a pictorial guide for use with a calendar.  The kit is packaged in a washable cloth bag for the girls to take to school.  And in May 2016 The Pura Vida Foundation was able to give out 1 of 3 big boxes full of these amazing kits to a very impoverished hospital in Cusco, Peru.  The majority of the women who received these kits were single mothers and it was touching to see how grateful they were for this small gesture.  A big thanks goes out to all the women who helped and worked on making these kits for the women in Peru.

Team Leader:  Maria Box

Team:  Helen Cox, Gail Anderson, Jean Sibbald, Gail Jones, Sabine Brown, Elsie Morrison, Susan Schwarz, Mary Cowan, Karen Millward.


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