Power By You steps up

This past weekend June 12th, Power By You held an event Burpees for Charity at their local gym.  This event’s goal was to work out for the young women living at the Pura Vida Shelter in Cusco, Peru.  The idea was to raise awareness to the growing problem in Peru with child prostitution and violence against women.  So the athletes at PBY did several gruelling workouts to give these amazing children a voice against violence and exploitation.  While I watched everyone working out I knew these athletes didn’t  know the children at the Pura Vida Shelter on a personal level, but I did!!!!  Not only was I touched but I was honoured to see so many people taking time out of their day and weeks leading up to this event to help another human being.  And because of Ali Popoff, Leo Grypma and everyone at Power By You we were able to raise $3300 for the amazing young girls at the Pura Vida Shelter.  The event was a huge success and it was nice to see so many smiles, painted faces by Annie Delorme and full belly’s from Taco Carrito.  Till next year everyone!!!!!!!


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