The Future ~ Pura Vida Shelter

The Future ~ Pura Vida Shelter

28 Dec , 2016  

Since 2009 The Pura Vida Foundation has been on the front lines fighting for equality and human rights for these young women of Peru. And over the years we have noticed the number of young women being tossed aside and miss treated has grown.

Our Current ~ Pura Vida Shelter

27 Jan , 2016  

The Pura Vida Foundation provide’s transitional housing and life skill training for young women in Peru. The facility provides these girls with necessary life skills which foster confidence to thrive independently.

A Christmas Adventure

27 Nov , 2015  

Since 2010, the Nelson based Pura Vida Foundation has been bringing Christmas to the Andean children of Peru.  And last year thanks to numerous donations we were able to give more than 500 children an unforgettable Christmas.  We were also lucky enough to produce a small film on what Maria the daughter of the founder…

Ricardo’s Story

20 Jan , 2015  

In 2010 The Pura Vida Foundation filmed the life of a young boy named Ricardo. Ricardo was born with out his left leg, and was also born into a life of poverty, abuse and neglect. Every day is a struggle for him to get around in such rough terrain.

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