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Join us in Aiding Families and Youth in Peru

Founded in 2005, the Pura Vida Foundation (meaning Pure Life in Spanish) is a Registered Charity in Canada, concentrating on some of the most desperate areas of Latin America. The Foundation's mission is to improve the lives of children and youth primarily in Peru through fostering healthy and supportable living.


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Come Join The Conversation

20 Nov , 2015  


The Pura Vida Foundation is a registered charity in Canada, and on November 23 at 5:00pm we are asking the community of Nelson to come join us at 619A Front Street, Nelson BC to talk about future plans for our foundation.  The topics will vary from our annual christmas drive for the andean children of…

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Pura Vida and 8.1.2 teaming up

16 Nov , 2015  


  Nathan Beninger a representative of The Pura Vida Foundation made his annual fundraising trip to Waterloo, Ontario in September 2015.  Not only was this a learning and networking trip, Nathan had the pleasure of meeting the Co-owner of 8.1.2 Leather, Darshan Patel.  8.1.2 is an idea that quickly transformed into a passion for social…


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The Burns Family Paying it Forward

10 Nov , 2015   Gallery


In 2013, the Pura Vida Foundation opened their doors to two volunteers from St. Jerome’s University who had previously visited the Pura Vida shelter on a service learning experience. Jess Burns and Bess Mitchell worked together to help a young boy named Ricardo, who was born without part of one leg, find a new prosthetic…

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SJU in Peru

15 Oct , 2015  


The SJU trip is an annual trip that the Saint Jerome’s University makes to Peru.  This trip is made to show and educate the students on how life is, in a third world country.  The SJU group visits two non-profits working to better the lives of the Peruvian people.  The first stop is in Chiclayo…

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