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Join us in Aiding Families and Youth in Peru

Founded in 2005, the Pura Vida Foundation (meaning Pure Life in Spanish) is a Registered Charity in Canada, concentrating on some of the most desperate areas of Latin America. The Foundation's mission is to improve the lives of children and youth primarily in Peru through fostering healthy and supportable living.


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Photos and Videos, Project Updates, Pura Vida News

Nathan Beninger’s TEDx Talk

26 Apr , 2015   Video


In Septemer 2014, Nathan Beninger from the Pura Vida Foundation was privileged to have the chance to do a talk for the TEDx community.  The talk was about the work and dedication of the Pura Vida Foundation’s commitment to bring social change to the country of Peru.  It goes over many different topics from the…

Photos and Videos, Project Updates, Pura Vida News

A Pura Vida trip to St. Jerome’s

26 Apr , 2015   Gallery

St jeromes trip #9

In October 2014, The Pura Vida Foundation was invited to St. Jerome’s University to do a series of talks and a fundraiser.  It was so special to see a community of amazing students dedicated in social change.  Since 2009 The Pura Vida Foundation and St. Jerome’s University have had an incredible partnership.  They help us…

Photos and Videos, Project Updates, Pura Vida News

Ricardo’s first step

26 Apr , 2015   Video

Ricardo 2015 #2

In 2012 The Pura Vida Foundation teamed up with the St. Jerome’s University to give a young boy and his family a gift of a lifetime.  We gave him the ability to live a normal life by lifting a tremendous burden off his shoulders, the ability to walk.  In 2012 we were able to give…

Photos and Videos, Project Updates

Upgrade for Ricardo – 2015

26 Apr , 2015   Gallery


In 2012 we were able to give Ricardo and his family the good news that we found a group of students from St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Canada to provide him with a new prosthetic leg every two years.  Because this young boy and his family live in extreme poverty it was almost impossible for them…

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