Burpees for charity

The athletes of Power By You are teaming up with the Pura Vida Foundation to fight for women’s rights in Peru and around the world.  The Pura Vida Foundation is based in Peru and has their own shelter that is the home to exploited and severely abused young women. Their hope is to break down the walls of poverty through education and rehabilitation.  We are reaching out to the athletes of power by you and the community of Nelson to help raise awareness for this cause.  We are asking that you sponsor us to participate in a work out in return for a donation.  We also will have a food truck on site plus face painting and fun events and prizes for the kids.  100% of proceeds will be donated to the Pura Vida foundation.  This event will take place June 12th 12-2pm.  If you would like to make a donation or most importantly participate in this fundraiser please contact ali@powerbyyou.com.  This event is for all levels of fitness.  www.powerbyyou.com


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