“The Beginning 2015”

Our Christmas adventure of 2015 has begun.  The Pura Vida Family visited the community of Paru Paru, in Cusco, Peru.  This small but beautiful community has opened its doors to The Pura Vida Family.  And on the 22nd of December we will give 180 Andean children a christmas they won’t forget.  Thanks to the generosity of others The Pura Vida Foundation will be able to give these strong and resilient children a christmas present, clothes, food, and hot chocolate.  And this is just the beginning, we are also planning on visiting another Andean community near CaiCay which is located at our future site for the new Pura Vida Shelter.  There is still time to donate to our 2015 Christmas Adventure, the more donations we receive the more kids we are able to give christmas to.


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